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But what if the love of your life isn’t on Tinder or Facebook, but opposite you on the Circle line?

About 1.3billion people use the Tube every year – more than half a billion potential love interests.

It was time to see if, in the words of the late 90s boyband, I could find Love On The Northern Line.

Day 1 I’m wearing red because I heard men are drawn to it and, frankly, I need all the help I can get.

It at least gives a clue that you're interested, said the men, many of whom admitted they struggled to recognise whether a woman was flirting.

Looking Good Breaking the Ice Talking with Him Community Q&A According to most men, picking up a guy is easy to do and they like it.

Men typically are attracted to women who know how to dress cute, classy, and a little sexy.a drink on first contact, with some going so far as to say single women who use the line are 'bad people'.'Enthusiastic hello is awesome,' The Wet_Bandits began.'Never... I cannot believe some girls do that s***.'It seemed to hit a nerve for Magnet_4_crazy who added: 'To be fair, the girls that ask you to buy a drink for them are rarely if ever interested in you.But now ladies looking for love can take advantage of tips straight from the horse's mouth, after men took to Reddit to reveal what women should - and shouldn't - do to get their attention.Their candid revelations include an opening line most agreed was an instant turn off.

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For example, guys like dresses, simple jewelry, heels, and they are big on women smelling good.

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