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No Java Script on the Edit Form was causing this nor was the Edit Form tampered with in Share Point Designer 2007.

Prepare Content Type Filter(SPList list, Hashtable[] excluded Transformers) at Microsoft. It didn’t have Multiple Content Types enabled or anything or anything fancy was used.

10/18/2013 .08 w3(0x128C) 0x1878 Share Point Foundation Runtime tkau Unexpected System. I tried switching the required field on and off through UI and code, but to no avail.

Null Reference Exception: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. Deleting the field and recreating it fixed the issue, but I didn’t want to go there because there were a lot of documents with version history already using the field.

This article describes how to add support for copy and paste to the Flex Data Grid component.

I’m glad I got an answer to some questions I’ve been having with Share Point 2010 and the Content Type Hub.

It’s responsibilities are simple, store the current application state, via local storage, and update the state based on an exposed API.

The UI components use this API in order to mutate the current state as a result of user interactions.

One of the issues was a Share Point Library on their Intranet having a required field, even though Require that this column contains information was set to “No”.

There’s a lot of potential in the Hub, but as always requires good planning and troubleshooting skills :)Today is trouble solving day at a customer.

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Before starting you need to know about our database tables. relationship between those tables, where a Genre can have many reviews attached and a review must be bind to only one Genre.

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