Sam freddie dating

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Sam freddie dating

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Sam and Freddie are about to go on their first date.A fan tweeted to Dan Schneider 'Are Sam and Freddie dating now? If Sam and Freddie start dating it will probably be in the sequel to the episode IOMG, it's called Idate Sam and Freddie. Somehow she didn't find it amusing that I call Freddie names and pick on him…oh well."Doesn't your mom want you home by 9, its why isn't she here freaking out? I forgot to delete one of our conversations via text and Carly saw it and freaked a little-no damage done or secrets revealed.; ) "I got to go Carly, my mom…well you don't want to know," I lied."Aw, well, see you later," she responded. We haven't gone an 'official' date yet but it's still been great-I hate most of the sappy couple stuff anyway. I went to the fridge finding a half of a ham and a peppy cola." I asked."She's pulling the late shift, she won't be back till about 10," he explained."You going to sleep in just your socks? Carly shuddered at the thought."Ha ha," he said, while exiting the apartment, "Later ladies."Carly and I were watching (a/n lol, like TNT-we know drama) when my phone vibrated-it was Freddie. I got off of the couch and grabbed my hoodie and made my way to the door."See you later Carly! " she responded before I closed the door to her apartment. After I ate I walked into Freddie's room only to find a (shirtless =D) snoring nub.

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